FeaturesFree TrialPaid Subscription
Backup multiple domains in a single subscription✔️✔️
On-demand backup up to 3x/day-✔️
Automatically backup new usersUp to 10 users✔️
Organizational unit/group level backup✔️✔️
Unlimited retention period✔️✔️
Point-in-time backup✔️✔️
Retain backup archives for suspended/deleted users✔️✔️
Exclude files from backup based on content type✔️✔️
Configurable retention periods-✔️
Choose between US, Canada and UK regions to store backup archives✔️✔️
Intelligent Backup With Data Protection
Ransomware threat detection✔️✔️
Phishing threat detection ✔️✔️
Compliance violation detection✔️✔️
Restore & Export
Export as PST file-✔️
Export as MBox file -✔️
Cross-user restore ✔️✔️
Allow end-user/non-admins to restore their files✔️✔️
Instant download✔️✔️
Offline export✔️✔️
Preserve nested email structure✔️✔️
Restore to separate email label✔️✔️
Complete email/contacts preview✔️✔️
License Cost Optimization
Automatically remove suspended/deleted users ✔️✔️
Advanced Dashboard
Backup health report for the past 30 days ✔️✔️
Restore health report for the past 30 days ✔️✔️
Export health report for the past 30 days ✔️✔️
Backup usage status and the total size backup✔️✔️
Backup errors with description✔️✔️
Exceptions that require admin action✔️✔️
Domain and user-level dashboards✔️✔️
Reports & Notification
Audit reports for all the backup, restore and export events ✔️✔️
App-level reports✔️✔️
Instant backup failure alerts ✔️✔️
Locating Lost files
Keyword-based content search for Contacts/People, and Sites/SharePoint✔️✔️
Search emails using subject, sent/received data, From, To, Cc, Bcc, label✔️✔️
Full-content search for emails, Drive/OneDrive files-✔️
User-level search✔️✔️
SSO integration ✔️✔️
Two-factor authentication✔️✔️
Backup archives stored in Amazon AWS✔️✔️

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