Storage & Restore
 Data Transfer

Unlimited Unlimited

 Number of Users

100 users  Unlimited

 Number of items

Unlimited Unlimited

 Backup Frequency

1/Day 1/Day


Worldwide Worldwide

 Duration of the plan


30 days

1 Month, 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years, or 5 Years
 Users  Add new users

 Automatically include
 all newly created domain   users /
unprotected users
 to the back up schedule

Yes Yes

 Include the email
 folders in backup

 Trash and Spam folder will   be included in your email   backup

Yes Yes

 Include the Drive/   OneDrive folder in   

 Trash folder will be included   in your Drive/OneDrive   backup

Yes Yes

 Include the Shared
 drives in backup

 Shared drives will be   included in your Drive   backup

Yes Yes

 Number of document   revisions

 You can choose to backup   multiple revisions of Drive   documents based on   changes

Point-in-time up to 30 days Point-in-time
 Archived Content   Visibility

 Archived content will be   visible to admins in addition   to standard metadata
Yes Yes
Storage and Retention 
 Individual retention   settings
Yes Yes
 Email retention   period

 Amount of time email
 should be retained based   on  sent or received date

Up to 30 days
 Document retention   period

 Amount of time documents     should be retained based   on  last modification date
Up to 30 days Unlimited 
 Calendar retention

 Amount of time calendar   events should be retained   based on event date
Up to 30 days  Unlimited 

 Exclude Files from   backup

 Exclude files based on file   extension or file size or both

Yes Yes

 Search feature

Yes Yes

 End-user Restore

 Provide users read and   export/restore access to   allow self-service   management of data

Yes Yes
 End-user Export

 Provide users export   access  to allow self-service   management of data
Yes Yes
Group &
Org Unit

 Group Archives

 View group archives and   restore data for groups, add   users by Groups or Org   Units

Yes Yes
Backup Setting

 Domain settings
 override for   individual  users
Yes Yes

 Apply to all archived   user settings

Yes Yes

 Apply to all org unit   settings

Yes Yes

 Apply to all non-org   unit user settings

Yes Yes
Data export from Archives  Export data
Yes  Yes 


 Real-time Dashboard

Yes Yes

 Health Report

Yes Yes

 Activity Report

Yes Yes

 User Profile Report

Yes Yes

 Restore Report

Yes Yes

 Group Restore Report

Yes Yes


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