Free Backup for your organisation G Suite and Office 365

Restore G Suite, Office 365 data

Any email(s) or document(s) or folder(s) or even an entire account

Backup entire domain data before you wish you had. Recover easily all your financial, customer, sales and IP data in your organisations's Gmail, Google drive or Exchange online, One Drive from ransomware attacks and user errors .

  • Minimum 15 users. Admin tool for G suite / Office 365 for business, work or Education.
  • Offer valid only for US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
  • Upto 1 TB free*.  Marketplace tested.
  • SysCloud customers include
Google apps for work customer using SysCloud backupGoogle apps for business customer using SysCloud Google Drive backupGoogle apps for education customer using SysCloud security for data breaches protectionGoogle apps for education customer using SysCloud backup

*Limitations may apply.

  • Screenshot for Google Apps admin of g suite backup archives and dashboard
  • backup-gmail-google-drive-protection.png
  • O365-Dashboard.png
  • Archives.png